Le Cléac’h Acoustic Horns











Welcome To Azurahorn

Updated June 2010 

Azurahorn is best described as a long term audio project.  I developed a method of making accurate moulds, without expensive tooling, in order to explore the Le Cléac’h expansion in a variety of different set ups.  I now have moulds to make horns for Cone and Compression Drivers in the following flare rates: 160Hz, 204Hz, 340Hz, 425Hz and 550Hz.  Plans are provided for ‘Push-Pull’ horns.

Le Cléac’h horns create natural sounding music, with a deep involving sound stage.  There are now many more people out there who can attest to this, and signs are that the Le Cleac’h expansion is gaining ascendancy. 

I would like to thank Jean-Michel Le Cléac’h for his beautiful curve, given freely to all – and the brave experimenters who kept me going with their encouragement, orders, and commissions.

Martin Seddon
Perth, Western Australia
June 2010