Le Cleac’h Acoustic Horns
Welcome To Azurahorn

Azurahorn, based in Perth, Western Australia, offers a range of Le Cleac’h horns, made to order in fibreglass,  adaptable to a variety of cone or compression drivers. 

Horns presently available are based on three flare rates:  160Hz, 204Hz and 340Hz. Throat sizes from 1” to 8” or larger can be made.

The Le Cleac’h expansion creates natural sounding music, with deep involving sound stage.  This is the commonly reported finding by users across the horn range, and across different driver types.

Bass horns and ‘push-pull’ horns (front/rear loaded) are also available – plywood bass horn sections can be homebuilt to plans provided.

I would like to thank Jean-Michel Le Cleac’h for his beautiful curve, given freely to all. Also the people that gave me encouragement, orders and commissions. You know who you are. I am grateful for your support.

Martin Seddon.

30th Sept 2006  Perth, Western Australia. .