Maker of Acoustic Horns since 2001
March 2023

Welcome to Azurahorn, I can make horns to order for your diy project, with throat sizes and flanges to suit your driver.

The horns are a composite moulding built up in layers with a glass fibre core. The throat is cut accurately and after casting the flanges and drilling I give them a spun 'alabaster' finish.

Le Cléac'h horns provide a linear load to the driver and are known for creating a deep and natural soundscape.

Jean-Michel Le Cléac'h made a breakthrough in acoustic horn design by simulating the wavefront propogation for the desired parameters.  He explains it here: diyaudio

My own horn system is presented. Plans for the bass horns are available.

I also present the iixo  or impedance inverter cross over, a minimalist transformer subtractive cross over of my own design, also providing attenuation. I can make them to order, or you can wind your own.

Thank you for visiting,

Martin Seddon
Perth, Western Australia.

Illustrations by
Matteo Lupatelli

Dear Martin,
Your package arrived safely yesterday.
The horns look absolutely exquisite.  Your attention to the smallest details is  evident. You have made me a beautiful product - thank you!
Thank you too for the drawings of the base: will be easy to construct for me.

 Jean-Michel Le Cléac'h (1954 - 2013).  "Oui, nous perdons un collègue d'une grande gentillesse, d'une grande disponibilité, d'une grande compétence, une des âmes de notre musée."



 Photos below by Antoinette Carrier